As the adage goes, you are what you eat. That certainly holds true for our cattle herd and what they consume. It’s something Prather Ranch takes extremely seriously every day to produce the most wholesome, safest possible xenographic product on the market.

Prather Ranch cattle are raised using sustainable organic agricultural practices. No synthetic herbicides and pesticides are applied to feed crops, and the majority of feed consumed is grazed forage from the ranch pastures. The land is part of a progressive program, and the soil routinely tested.

The grazing land been carefully selected to minimize contamination. Irrigation on the land is done with deep groundwater or pure mountain stream water. Solar powered watering systems are present on many of the Prather Ranch properties. The water supply is tested regularly for pathogens, nitrates and foreign trace materials.

On the 4,500 acres of farmland, the ranch produces an average of 95% of their feed – natural or organic hay and grain that allows the cattle to finish in prime health and condition. When needed, feeds from certified sources are purchased to supplement the ration and obtained from local farmers.

And of course, animal-derived protein is never on the menu.